Its Episode Ten! Hope you didn't like our podcast before, because we just hit our peak! it's just gonna get worse from here!

[Just so you know, Rebel has some bad static for the first 2 minutes or so, but he doesn't say much so it shouldn't be too bad a problem. Really sorry though guys!]

We have been hyping it to the 'umpth degree and here they are! AcesHigh291 (Joseph) and Rebelj12a (Matt) are here to entertain! They join the regularly irrational and passionate crew of Alex, Evan, and Scott and they go bonkers!


We hope you like Guile's theme, because you're going to be hearing it quite a lot!


We break into the show with the F***in' news!

First order of business is: Its Aces' Birthday! He turns 19! Everybody: YATZI!


We cover the latest in news, plus don't forget, its your favorite time of the month: NPD Numbers! Holy chiz does Madden sell copies!

After news, we go into what's up and what we've been playing!

Everybody has some demo's to talk about, Evan is playing the same old shit, and Aces is totally pumped for Halo Reach!


Break 1


We come back with our Metroid Other M review. Not so many questions this week, but we did cover it a lot last week, so stayed tuned for the score [or not...].


Discussion time Mother F***ers!

What is mainstream? What makes a media mainstream? Will games ever be mainstream? Will games ever be seen as art? We have quite the answers to those questions, so tune in as Evan falls asleep!

[Listen hard and you can hear AcesHigh mixing his drinks]


Bash time! Everybody gets into this bash but let me ask you this, are they dumb, or did Microsoft truly think this guy lived in the gayest town in West Virginia?


Break 2


Whatcha Wanna Want! Evan is ready to break down the releases from this past week, and for next week!


We have a new contest since you darn listeners did not want to make a logo, but no worries, we have lined up a new and Metroid Themed contest for you:

We want you to think of your craziest and/or funniest way for Samus to Lose her powers! The crazier the better! Maybe Aces slipped, elbowed her in the back, her spine broke, and now she is screwed. You can't use that one, but something fun around those lines! Send them all into, and they are due to us by Extra Life! That's October 16th everybody!


Speaking of ExtraLife...

We want you guys to help us, and help some sick kids, so go to this page:

and donate to us in ExtraLife! Its a good cause that all goes to helping sick kids fight terminal diseases such as leukemia! Every dollar counts!

Dont forget to tune into our livestream DURING extralife from 8AM October 16 to 8AM October 17! That is Saturday morning to Sunday morning! Tune in and chat with us on the stream and donate, OR help us out! Get online, join our games, and help us stay awake!


Now for the Outro!


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