Episode 33 of the Irrational Passions Podcast: Pail Bunyan: Tree Nazi.

So this week we are joined by a very esteemed Canadian guest, and if you listen to our show, you've heard him before. We decide to tackle a bunch of crazy topics, like finding out what the secret life of trees is like. Oh, and some Rule 34. If you wanna go deeper, then go after the break.

Here is the rundown for this week's show:

  • We start late, and we start crazy, with just some Irrational Names in there.
  • After we finish discussing our names, we find out Evan is railing Alex's mom.
  • Alex brings up Gal*Gun and Rule 34. There is only one place this can go: down.
  • We have a Minecraft talk...okay just try not to fall asleep.
  • Joseph got an android phone! Game Dev Story is the bane of his existence!
  • In the news, there is Minecraft galore, as well as some Modern Warfare rumors, PSP price drops, and future shenanigans!
  • We break out a new segment: Point/Counterpoint. We discuss Miyamoto's hair, and then Peter Molly-Nux.
  • We're talking about 25 Years of Zelda next week! Please write in and tell us your Zelda memories and favorite/least favorite games in the series.
  • After a casual discussion about the Holocaust for trees, we throw out the show!

Again, if you'd like to write in about Zelda turning 25, or suggest some Point/Counterpoint topics, send them to our mailbag!


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