This one is a fun podcast for the books, that is very unorthodox.


  • Since Alex was throwing up upon the time of this recording, Joe was clubbing, Scott was out of state, and Evan was at a barbecue, this show is a little messed up.
  • Tony takes up the mantle of hosting with Nabeshin, and guests Gregory Blaney and Primebuster join them for a long fun ride! 
  • Greg's audio is a little messed up and get's fixed around 1/4th of the way through the show.
  • Weeks include complaining about sticky situations, college, school, going back to school, and being Scottish.
  • Video games: more Sleeping Dogs, Kerble Space Games, Alan Wake, and other good stuff.
  • Break song is called Canned Heat, by Jamiroquai. Given to us by Nabeshin.
  • News is pretty dead this week. TWEWY and Wipeout stuff, plus Persona and Guild Wars.
  • Greg threatens to murder his brother, which was so funny, I had to leave it in.
  • During new releases Prime learns that Nabeshin is black and then disconnects.
  • That's a wrap!

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