• Another week late show, very sorry about this. It’s Scott’s fault, but we are trying to get better about releasing the show. Remember that the show goes up immediately after its recorded on Youtube, which you can grab a link if you subscribe to our channel or follow us on Twitter.
  • We have the lovely Justin Graffius on this week, to hype us up for ExtraLife, and to have a fun time with despair!
  • In video games, we talk about Fire Emblem, Smashing Brothers, Tales of Xillia 2, Mighty Number 9, and Danganronpa 2!
  • We talk about news! Sony had some weird pre-TGS show, and Persona 5 is coming PS4 too!
  • We discuss some other news, the Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct, and some other bits.
  • Nabeshin quizzes Alex on his purchase priorities.
  • We have some ridiculous email/voicemail action.
  • Alex listens is our closing topic.
  • EPISODE 200! It’s happening October 17th. BE READY.

See the video version:

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