I hope you guys like music, because Episode 37: 3D Trousers is jam-full of it.

Here is the rundown of the show:

  • We kick the show off discussing Demos, and how not-aweome Alex thinks they are.
  • Emails, yes, we love them, send them to us!
  • We don't live very interesting lives, but Alex's birthday is coming up!
  • Video games. Yes, 3DS, Crysis 2, and Full House Poker.
  • Gameloggers! Keep on logging! You're doing great.
  • Its news time, including The King, Resident 4 Evil, and 3DSWare shenanigans!
  • Music time. Also includes featured music from our friend Dan Amrich. Love that guy!
  • When we come back from the break, its time to pick and crap!
  • Joe throws things out and we have a nice happy ending!

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