Man, the show before the big 50, and we are rockin it! Joe is back, we talk about satchels, and its a jolly-fun time!

First let me put it out there that the show is so late because we aren't doing a show this week, the week of June 24th. We're taking off the week to change up the show format in time for episode 51. Next week, on Friday, July 1st, we will be doing our 1-year show, episode 50, LIVE, hopefully around 5:30-6pm Eastern Daylight time on We will be taking calls, having laughs, and reminiscing our past year of podcasting. If you're anyone, you'll be there. Tell you friends, please tweet about it, and spread the word!

Now, for your rundown:

  • The show is as crazy as ever, with Joe back in the fold.
  • Joe tells everyone about his E3 thoughts, as he wasn't here last time to do so. He didn't like Nintendo to say the least.
  • Our mailsack is empty, but if you want a Mrs. Splosion Man beta code, I'd send us an email ASAP!
  • We break into Weekly What's-Up with some crazy excitement about our "podcast retreat".
  • Games this week are Duke Nukem, L.A. Noire, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Starcraft 2, and Might and Magic.
  • We talk about tons of news, specifically Nintendo and the craziness that comes with it.
  • We discuss PSVita's chances against the phones we see on the market. Do you think it even stands a chance?
  • Weekly Survival continues with Pirates and Ninjas and a dismembered Evan.
  • New releases! Don't forget to pick and crap too!
  • Joe throws it out, and we have tons of happy endings!

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