The show is super very late this week, and I am very sorry about that. A lot of real life got in the way!


  • We start with probably the most explicit bumper we have ever had. Fair warning, cover the little kids ears.
  • Nabeshin joins the cast! He is awesome and we love him, welcome to the team!
  • We kick things off with a date! Episode 100 SUPER LIVE SHOW is on July 26th, 2012, at (roughly) 7pm EST!
  • ´╗┐In what's up, Tony tells the most boring story ever, and we talk about Spiderman!
  • Alex has hair in his mouth and it's really weird for everyone.
  • Games include some Quantum Conundrum and Civ! So much Civilization!
  • News is pretty barren, except for some awesome Tales news for you Tales fans out there!
  • New releases!
  • Outro!
  • Sorry about the short/late show!

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