More podcasting posts! Everybody's favorites!

Here is your usual rundown:

  • Alex has been playing barely any games for once! Oh noez!
  • Evan is missing out this week. Just so you know.
  • We decided to put on a shorter show this week since Alex released last show so late.
  • We have given you more time to send us E3 2011 predictions! Please send us some! PLEASE!
  • In Weekly Whats-Up, Alex, Scott and Tony have been pretty busy with "real-life" things.
  • Alex and Joe share a moment about their gripes with L.A. Noire, plus some League of Legends talk.
  • News is chalk full of interesting stories, such as inFamous 2 trophy imports, and BS Resistance bundles.
  • We go right to new releases and we all toss them around in Evan's absence.
  • Picks, Craps, Outros, Happy Endings. We all know what happens at the end.

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