E3 Predictions galore guys! Get ready!

Here is that sexy rundown:

  • Chris is on the show this week, but Joe replaces him pretty quickly!
  • We're excited for E3, but that doesn't mean you can't send us emails: Mailsack@irrationalpassions.com
  • With all that's up, the team is proud to be part of the Graduating Class of 2011!
  • In games, Alex and Joe duke it out: literally. The Duke Nukem demo takes the crown! Some Amnesia talk goes on too.
  • Alex gives some monthly totals from our gameloggers! Shoutout to StingHP and Mister_Nep!
  • In news, there is a Playstation Vita, Konami collections, and eShop games!
  • We have plenty of E3 predictions, and some emails too. Thanks KayFav and Matthew Booth for the emails!
  • We pick, crap, throw it out, and end happy!

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