Alex talks to Dean, the (almost) one-man army behind Dust: An Elysian Tale. With such a hardcore and beautiful platformer, there are plenty of question to be asked. Stay tuned for more on Dust, because this is one you'll want to look out for.

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Tony talks to the developers of Smite, a 3rd person MOBA, with an entirely different control scheme. From where the idea came to, to when we'll see more, and where you can enter to get in the beta.

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Deadlight is a surival platformer, and Rahul is going to tell you all about it! Alex talks to one fo the men behind this platformer, including its inspirations, and what sets it apart from other zombie games.

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After playing a demo of Borderlands 2, Alex talks it up with Matt from the development team. They talk about the great success of Borderlands, and the things they wanted to make bigger and better in Borderlands 2.

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Alex talks to Nathan, President and co-founder of Capybara games about some of their past products, and the product they are showing on the PAX East floor: Super Time Force.

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