• Happy Halloween! Belated, I guess, but we talk about our Halloween exploits at the front of the show. It’s Alex, Scott and Nabeshin this week!
  • We talk about ExtraLife, Episode 200, and all of the past few weeks. Thank to everyone who called/donated/said hey/supported us through those! You can still donate to ExtraLife if you’d like!
  • We talk about ExtraLife games, like Fibbage, Nabeshin’s crazy list, The Last of Us, Spelunky stories, and Persona 4.
  • We talk about other games, like Bayonetta 2, Fantasy Life, and Banjo Kazooie.
  • Music break is: Smells Like Wet Funk, by Eirik Suhrke!
  • Tons of news this week! We talk about Smash Bros directs, Valkyria Chronicles, Xbox One prices, Techland telling you how it is, Jade Raymond and some Prey 2 sadness.
  • In there Nabeshin tries to make Alex take some silly bet. What do YOU want them to do?
  • Nabeshin lays down the free games of November.
  • Let’s talk about SPOOOOOOOKY games! Scary games, silly games, just something to get you in the Halloween spirit!
  • We take a peek into the mailsack, see some SilverPR and Hbomb action.
  • That’s the show! Thanks for listening! Korra Talk resumes next week!

The music break this week is from Friends in Caves, composed by Eirik Suhrke, who composed the Spelunky soundtrack! The featured song is Smells Like Wet Funk:

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