Jungle Fever

With almost the entire normal crew out this week, Alex and Joe surround themselves with guests! Robby, or robby1051, and Andrew, AKA ZeAce, join them in a fantastical adventure of sexual inuendo and video game talk! Don't forget the Jungle Fever!


Nothing. Apparently we cannot answer questions this week, but don't forget: the mailbag email is mailbag@ippodcast.net!

Whats Up/What We've Been Playing

Alex has a very interesting story to tell you guys, and it has to do with his profound hatred of cats! Also, there are plenty of games to talk about this week! Rock Band 3, Enslaved, and other awesomeness.

Break 1 [Big shoutout to InDisTravis for singing this diddy!]

Fuckin' News

Not much to say here accept JUNGLE FEVER. We all have jungle fever, especially Robby. And there is just one special thing you can take from this segment: "Jungle Fever: For What Other Kind of People?"

Review: Dead Nation

Alex has a break down about Dead Nation, wanna hear the score? Go check out his review on the website!

Free For All Versus

We whup some  Bowser ass with dogs from Fable 2, and don't forget E. Honda vs Toad! See who wins in this crazy ownage-fest as always!

Break 2

Whatcha Wanna Want

Auditorium! Yeah, we don't know either. There's some more Arc the Lad for you, and we shit all over Hello Kitty!


As always, were sad to say goodbye, but this Jungle Fever is getting a little to crazy!

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