No Alex this week, so this episode feels like an awkward exchange after an unpleasant one-night-stand.

Evan and Scott take you through the news this week, but really it should be called the Awkward News with Evan's love for CoD stories and Scott simply hating CoD. Also don't forget Scott's yawns that occur every 10 or so seconds!


Some interesting notes is that Evan made a mistake, CoD Black Ops doesn't come out until Nov 10th, but MULTIPLAYER INFORMATION comes out on Sep 1st. [God damned stupid Evan.]


Also note how Evan and Scott talk "queues" like that actually had plans for this show  (pee-shaw!).


We have a short What We've Been Playing Segment, since we haven't been playing much.


A light hearted-ed discussion topic about resurgent genres.

ALSO Next week discussion topic: Downloadable vs. Retail! Which is more viable! Email us what you think!

ALSO 3 Possible new reviews next week: LIMBO, DeathSpank, and Red Dead Redemption! Email us your questions for these games!


New Releases!

Ys Seven

Kane & Lynch 2

City of Heroes


An email from our vacant host position!


Outro! & are the forums! Check them out!


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