We are here, and we love us some tangent-ass tangents.

We intro the show with some ExtraLife news! We will be totally participating in extra life! We want donations ASAP!



Anyway, lets get into the F***in' News!

New name for news segment ^.


After the news, we talk about what we've been playing. Scott tackles the classic that is Zelda 2, Evan doesn't have much good to say about the Mafia 2 demo, and Alex splooges on Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game and the Shank demo!


We take our first break here!


[Really sorry about the echo here]


Evan has his Red Dead Redemption Review! See what our regional open-world love thought of this country-western!


We break into the discussion topic about Downloadable games and Retail games!

What do we prefer? What platforms do we love the most? What are great examples of downloadable games? How about retail games that should be downloadable? Downloadable that, with a little extra, could be full retail? Pros/Cons of each?

[At some point some terrible static comes in on Evan's mic, we don't know why, sorry all, but there was nothing we could do for it, but it does go away at around 2:02:00]


Hey guys! Guess what we're excited for! Its a Bash! Its HKO!


Break time!!


Whatcha wanna want?

^ Yep, another new segment title

Some releases are dropping this week, and they're looking good! METROID. NEXT WEEK. OWNAGE.


Contest Deets:
We want a .jpg/.jpeg image (preferably pretty big) of an original logo for Irrational Passions!

We want to use this for the 'cast, the site, everything! Just make sure it includes "Irrational Passions" and "Welcome to Irrationality!"

Send your entries to mailbag@ippodcast.net!



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