Harold Price jumps off his Hbomb & Friends bandwagon to join the IP crew!


  • We have special guest Harold Price join us in this week!

  • So heads up: we had to use our back up this week. One audio file was lost, and unfortunately, we couldn’t recover it. All of the show is still there, it just doesn’t sound as good! Sorry guys!

  • You can hear about our weeks in the pre-show on the video now! Check it out on Youtube!

  • We discuss Kingdom Hearts, Spelunky, and more Spelunky this week in games.

  • News has us dodging new Nintendo machines and cheaper digital releases.

  • We have a great email from Justin this week, asking us a bunch of dumb stuff.

  • Greg has a special discussion topic for us at the end of the show!

  • Nabeshin asks us about porn. GET READY FOR SOME ADULT CONTENT.

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