• We are at the pen-ultimate episode! 200 is next week! Details in the show!

  • We talk about some video games: Smash Bros 3DS, Wonderful 101, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Persona 4 Golden, Evan doing something, BlazBlue and Spelunky.

  • For the break music, Grant Kirkhope put out the entire Banjo Kazooie score/soundtrack out there! Pay what you want! The music is from that soundtrack, it’s Clickclock Woods - Spring. Go download it! Enjoy!

  • We have some news! Smash Bros release date, what can save the Wii U, touchscreen gaming, giving up hope on touch screens, NBA 2K faces, and Assassin’s Creed vanity!

  • Also some DriveClub PS+ stuff happened too.

  • We have a super lovely and nice voicemail from SilverPR, as per usual. Harold sends us a fun email!

  • Korra Talk after the end!

  • See you next week for Ep. 200!

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