• The world is ending and we finally answer the question: what IS Firewatch?
  • Alex, Nabeshin and Tony lose themselves in the intro and Scott crashes into Alex’s house later to round out the cast. More guests coming soon! Stay tuned!
  • In games this week, Alex regales us with Tales and Mario Bros, him and Nabeshin have Lives that are Strange, Scott actually played a game, Danganronpa 2 is finished, H1Z1 and Hearthstone, and then some other stuff.
  • In news this week we talk about Dragon Quest, NX, Zombi, and Ouya. Oh yeah, and Kickstarter, again.
  • We remisce on 2015, so far. What’s your half-year Game of the Year? Let us know!
  • SilverPR lays down a sweet voicemail!
  • We close out the show by hearing Scott talk about bikers.

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