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  • This week Brandt Ranj gets to join in with the shenanigans as we are down a Tony and up and Alex!
  • KFL3 is coming up, if you’re going to be there, come say hi to Alex and Nabeshin!
  • We get to catch up on some games this week, like what to play over the summer, what Prey is like, and that recent hit: Mega Man X from 1991.
  • We also hear about Flinthook, this time from Scott, and also more battle royale like games!
  • In news we talk a bit more about the 2DS again, Bananas, E3, and Darksiders 3! Oh, and that first Zelda DLC sounds pretty neat.
  • We take a bunch of questions, make a really dumb bet, and then throw out the show.

Watch the episode here:

[youtube id="U0FOpfdWA00" width="600" height="350"]

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