• We are minus one Tony this week, so we make fun of his face the whole time!
  • Some Irrational Podtacular announcements and updates. Event is looking good!
  • Amazon contest is going strong, there is a NEW WAY to enter the contest NOT SAID ON THE SHOW. Check below!
  • We talk about what is happening and we also talk about games. Some Metal Gear love, Dark Souls kindling, and DANCING!
  • For the second half of the show, Scott accidentally deleted his track, so he went back AFTER we recorded, so its all very meta and wutnot! I hope you guys think it turned out okay...
  • We cover a handful of interesting news stories this week. Nintendo in the gutter, Mega-Man fighting, and Xbox 720 rumors.
  • Hot minute is a lot of fun, and breaks off into some good Chipotle talk, plus a lot of good submitted topics from our listeners! #HotMin
  • Evan tells you about balls and other name-changed new releases.
  • Happy endings and closers out, we're done!

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