Oh crap...

We messed up, bear with us!


News, a lot of release dates, a good deal of announcement.


What we've been playin! Screw it! We played some shit!

(Oh, and final fantasy 13 is awesome!


Half Year Game of the Year!

We break down what deserves what! We will review again in January!



We hate moving, Mccy Deez, and Editing...crap...


New releases for the week of July 27th!

(Starcraft 2! GET HYPE!)


We close out! (Sorry about the shitty show...)








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Episode 3: Evan is a D-Bag


Alex and friend of the show Chris are here to entertain you!

We talk knews, and there is a lot of it!

00:02:35 NEWS!

We go on to our first break and chris departs us unfortunately.

00:35:20 GameOn Add! The Best Podcast EVER. Ever.
00:35:45 Alex and Scott are back! We break down what we've been playing!
00:57:00 Shout out to the Shoutbox! What are YOU guys talking about!
01:00:00 Topic of the Week Next Week! Best games of 2010 so far! Tell us what you think will be game of the year and why! What games did you love? What games did you hate? WHY?!
Send those emails to mailbag@ippodcast.net
01:03:00 New Releases!
01:07:45 OUTRO!

mailbag@ippodcast.net, OR alex/scott/evan@ippodcast.net
twitter.com/IrrationalPod OR ALFigther OR Stickerglue
GamingUnion.net and VGEvo.com!!!
Alfighter27 (Alex VGEvo AND GU) Stickerglue (Evan) Wuttehchuz (Scott)
Subscribe and leave reviews and ratings on iTunes!!!!!
Tell your friends!
Rebelj12a SHOUTOUT! You're awesome.
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Episode 2: inFAMOUSLY Annoying

Its episode two! We take you on another journey through the news network with some key things:

Dead space 2 prequel, Halo Reach news, Dragon Age 2 announced, League of Legends update, White PS3Slims, 3G coming to handhelds (maybe) and Blizzard being IRRATIONAL!

We talk about what we've been playing, and we don't have much to say.

Take a break.....


AAAAAAAAAAND we're back, with a vengeance. Alex takes you through the stories of Sly and inFAMOUS and we discuss the growth of SuckerPunch.

New releases...not many.

Alex demands the mails and reviews on iTunes!


Take us out Evan! Consider it done.

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Episode 1: Welcome to Irrationality!

EPISODE ONE! WERE BACK! Except we were never here... But let's kick things off with a bang!

We do our intro and let you into the world of Alex, Evan, and Scott! Who are the irrational passionists? What do we wish to accomplish? Well...nothing really, just hope you find us entertaining.

We talk the news of the world! 3DS Rumors, when IS this thing coming to stores Reggie? Oh...you don't know? WTF?!

Playstation Patch! W00T! Bring on the premium subscription service!

Hulu Plus, AKA the story that makes Evan nervous! Ten more dollars ehh? No thanks, or maybe thanks?

NPD Numbers! These games sell like hot cakes! (Note: 'Funnest' IS actually a word)

What have we been playing? Can Scott explain LoL properly? Evan like Red Dead, but not for the story?! Alex dislikes Borderlands?! DOES HE HAVE A SOUL?!

More Hate. Bashing of the week, Steve Jobs = Asshole.

Personal bashes, whats buggin' you?

Time to discuss: Is Playstation Plus+ worth the extra cash? Probably so says Scott. But in comparison to that other premium service, does it pay off? We say "HELL YES!"

Outros and goodbyes! Send us emails! Give us Feedback! Follow us on Twitter! Join the Forums!




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