We are here, and we love us some tangent-ass tangents.

We intro the show with some ExtraLife news! We will be totally participating in extra life! We want donations ASAP!



Anyway, lets get into the F***in' News!

New name for news segment ^.


After the news, we talk about what we've been playing. Scott tackles the classic that is Zelda 2, Evan doesn't have much good to say about the Mafia 2 demo, and Alex splooges on Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game and the Shank demo!


We take our first break here!


[Really sorry about the echo here]


Evan has his Red Dead Redemption Review! See what our regional open-world love thought of this country-western!


We break into the discussion topic about Downloadable games and Retail games!

What do we prefer? What platforms do we love the most? What are great examples of downloadable games? How about retail games that should be downloadable? Downloadable that, with a little extra, could be full retail? Pros/Cons of each?

[At some point some terrible static comes in on Evan's mic, we don't know why, sorry all, but there was nothing we could do for it, but it does go away at around 2:02:00]


Hey guys! Guess what we're excited for! Its a Bash! Its HKO!


Break time!!


Whatcha wanna want?

^ Yep, another new segment title

Some releases are dropping this week, and they're looking good! METROID. NEXT WEEK. OWNAGE.


Contest Deets:
We want a .jpg/.jpeg image (preferably pretty big) of an original logo for Irrational Passions!

We want to use this for the 'cast, the site, everything! Just make sure it includes "Irrational Passions" and "Welcome to Irrationality!"

Send your entries to mailbag@ippodcast.net!



Email: alex/evan/scott/mailbag@ippodcast.net


Twitter: @IrrationalPod, @ALFighter27, @Stickerglue, @wuttehchuz


Facebook: Like Irrational Passions Podcast on Facebook!


iTunes: Rate and review us on iTunes, plus by our iPhone App

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Alex is back! Thank you lord! Chris and Evan join the team this week as well!

[Apologies for Chris being so quiet! He doesn’t know how to use a mic!]


We start the intro with our new theme song, 2-Player Co-op (Player 2 Press Start) by Danny Wiessner!

Check it out on iTunes!


We inform you of some changes going on in the background of the Irrational Passions scene, plus the addition of Chris to our team! Look out for his posts coming to the website!


Plus, we now have an iPhone/iPod touch App on the App Store thanks to Libsyn! If you want some extra content or to be able to stream our episodes at any time, right to your iPhone or iPod touch, then you should go get it! Its only $2, and that money will go to support your favorite Irrational Passionists!


We throw down a whole bunch of news, but we can’t cover everything, so here are some other stories or details you should check out:


Rock Band 3 Setlist

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Setlist

Dragon Age 2 Trailer

Mass Effect 2 PS3 Trailer

Little Big Planet 2 Gamescom Trailer

Final Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Trailer

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo

Killzone 3 Multiplayer Trailer

inFamous 2 Trailer

Ghost Trick Trailer

Tortchlight 2 Multiplayer Trailer

Metroid Other M TV Spots


We then cover what we’ve been playing: Alex has some mixed thoughts on Arc Rise Fantasia, Chris falls in love with Monday Night Combat and Mass Effect 2, while Evan gets sick and can’t play many games.


First break.


After the break, Alex comes in strong with two reviews, DeathSpank, and LIMBO.


Here is the LIMBO Review


Here is the DeathSpank Review


We hold off on the discussion topic and decide to save it for next week, so if you have something to say about it, send us an email!


Topic for next week:

Downloadable games vs Retail

    What do you think of the 3 main platforms? [Steam, PSN, and XBLA]

    Which is more accessible?

    Which do you prefer more?

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of both?


Send us some emails? Please and thank you.


Second break.


We come back and give you the new releases!



    We have a Plantronics Gamescom 367 Gaming Headset [seen below]! While the contest may change, but for now, we want you to develop an official Irrational Passions Logo. We want to use this for the website, maybe the podcast, and for promotion, so its something to stick with us. The best and most creative that we like the most will win!















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No Alex this week, so this episode feels like an awkward exchange after an unpleasant one-night-stand.

Evan and Scott take you through the news this week, but really it should be called the Awkward News with Evan's love for CoD stories and Scott simply hating CoD. Also don't forget Scott's yawns that occur every 10 or so seconds!


Some interesting notes is that Evan made a mistake, CoD Black Ops doesn't come out until Nov 10th, but MULTIPLAYER INFORMATION comes out on Sep 1st. [God damned stupid Evan.]


Also note how Evan and Scott talk "queues" like that actually had plans for this show  (pee-shaw!).


We have a short What We've Been Playing Segment, since we haven't been playing much.


A light hearted-ed discussion topic about resurgent genres.

ALSO Next week discussion topic: Downloadable vs. Retail! Which is more viable! Email us what you think!

ALSO 3 Possible new reviews next week: LIMBO, DeathSpank, and Red Dead Redemption! Email us your questions for these games!


New Releases!

Ys Seven

Kane & Lynch 2

City of Heroes


An email from our vacant host position!




VGEvo.com & GamingUnion.net are the forums! Check them out!


Follow @IrrationalPod, @StickerGlue, and @ALFighter

PLEASE Rate and Review us on iTunes! (Don't listen to Scott! Give us GOOD reviews!)

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We have a four-man show this week in order to make up for screwing up last week!


We start out with news! We love us some 3DS, Street Fighter Cross Tekken, Batman, and Chris “<3”’s Assassin’s Creed.


To kick off what we’ve been been playing with a discussion about our driver’s ed classes! Scott now hates WoW, Chris never played StarCraft Uno, Evan picks Battlefield, and Alex is indifferent about BlazBlue, but it was free!




We like reviews! And Alex may have liked Blacklight Tango Down, check out his review!


We’re back to discuss wether or not games can do drama, and universally, we think they can.


This week we think its fun to bash on Evan, especially since its 3v1. Titanic 2 and Building Shit are the topics, so we decide to talk about Venom and the origin of Carnage.


Break number 2!


New releases! I hope you like Madden!


Mailbag! We got a PM from Vamp666! Shoutout!

Please send us emails at mailbag@ippodcast.net! PLEASE! PLEASE!!!

[If you want Chris on the show more often, tell us!]












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