Radian Just Got Irrational

So we start off the show strong with Alex, Evan, Scott and Chris! No AcesHigh today because he is off busy in Georgia in INDISFEST (The Deuce)!!! With Aces gone, Chris steps up to the plate, trying to fill the big shoes!


We take on an email from our esteemed and most favorite Plankfan who wants to know what is up with these Klondike bars!

Weekly Whats-Up

Chris is a track star, Alex regains the love of a PS3, and Evan enjoys men who are blue, preferably in a group-like form.

What's On Tap

When we talk about what we've been playing, Alex and Chris are oh-so-iffy on Fable Trés, Scotty refuses to talk about Killzone 3 Beta, and Evan... well let's just say Evan tries to talk about Undead Nightmares, but just ends up spoiling Red Dead Redemption, and then I have to bleep it out. Goddammit Evan.

Break #1

We come back form the break strong with our interview with Luke from Radiangames! Please go check out is games on Xbox Live Indie Marketplace!

Fuckin News

With news like Indie MarketPlace getting hidden on the new dashboard, the father of MegaMan leaving Capcom, Gran Turismo 5 going gold, and NBA Elite 11 getting cancelled, we deeply believe that the universe is coming to a close. Please, remain calm, keep your bridges on, but kiss your ass goodbye.

Discussion Time MoFo's

We take a look and ten whole years of Playstation TWO, reflecting on the best games and best moments of the system's life-span. Oh, and don't forget IGN's Top 10 Best PS2 Games. Spoiler-Alert, Scott doesn't like their list.

Break #2

Whatcha Wanna Want

Yes... Call of Duty is coming out next week, and yes we are excited. Let's not forget the Sly Collection, and of course (the most important thing of all), Zhu Zhu Pets: Kung Zhu!!


Yes, we have to go, I'm sorry, but we can't just stay here and Shenanigate forever!

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