Its starting to get into that cheery time of the year, where everyone tells each other that they love each other. Uh oh.

  • We delayed recording the show we could talk about the Spike VGAs...and then we TOTALLY FORGOT to talk about the VGAs. We will discuss it next week with Joe, promise!
  • We are down one Mr. Fait this week. Sorry guys. Sorry.
  • In games this week its all about the Zeldas, the LoLs, and the Homefronts. Oh, and Terraria, for you masochists.
  • The game log is winding down, but Nep still has months to go.
  • News, we completely blow over all the cool stuff from the VGAs, and just talk regular news.
  • Some changes for RFN. I hope you guys like it!
  • We bring back the survival guide, this time much more mellow. We're taking music suggestions!
  • Irrational Weekly. Put some apples on that trick.
  • And its done!

1) On Wednesday, Dec. 21st, we are going to be sitting down together and watching The Legend of Zelda The Animated Series all the way through, and streaming it live on the internets, WITH COMMENTARY. It will be uploaded to YouTube for posterity, but you WONT want to miss it live.
2) Game of the Year is coming up. Don't forget to send in your TOP 5s, your TOP 10s, or just your GOTY, AND WHY. Don't forget the why part, that's important.
3) We have been working on a secret project that will be announced in January, so stay tuned for more!

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