Here is your breakdown!

  • Its a full cast and crew this week! But there are some audio problems. Alex's track "skipped" a few times, so he either cut it or put funny sound effects in as a replacement. Or, Tony's track, which in the beginning was picking everyone up, was left in at those parts so you can still get an idea of what's going on. Unfortunately this happens the whole show, sorry guys :(
  • We have HUGE announcements this show! Irrational Podtacular! Its time to get ready for the podcast to end all podcasts!
  • We have a contest! Email/Tweet/Call in EVERY WEEK for a chance to win $20 amazon gift card! Up to three entries, per person, PER WEEK!
  • We are going to PAX East! You excited yet?
  • We kick things off without an outro! That's how we doing things! What'sup include being high, blood, wisdom teeth, and phones in scan-machines.
  • Games this week include a whole lotta new Minecraft stuff, Kingdoms of Amalur, and Darkness 2. Also, Battlefield. Greg jumps in around this part!
  • Its predictions this week, and boy do we have a lot of "hopes", and "maybes"!
  • Hot minute is quite HOT! Remember, tweet your topics to @IrrationalPod to get in the topic bank!
  • The second break is a nice little promo for our good friends over at Malicious Underground.
  • Irrational weekly, our outdo of contact us, and that's the show guys!

Here are some things you guys should know!

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  • If you want to be a part of our featured music section, feel free to send some tunes into the MailSack!
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  • Ideas for the show format or feedback? Send them to the MailSack too!

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