We were late to recording but releasing relatively on time! Not without audio problems, unfortunately.

  • WARNING: There is very bad distortion from roughly 9 minutes in to 21 minutes, and again from 35:15 to roughly 52:05! The voices are kind of audible until a point, at which I just completely cut out about 11 minutes because its completely ruined.
  • Scott is off with his studies, but we have Lady Alex of Twitch.TV join us and Joe hops in the show late.
  • There was no show last week because we’re all lazy! Well damn, big surprise there!
  • We catch up, hospital visits, avengers, and Minecraft.
  • Once we get into games, Joe hops in, and talks over everyone to tell you about how much he loves Minecraft!
  • Other games include hype for Diablo, and Torchlight Beta!
  • We just hit some central news topics. The future is black, guys.
  • New releases, outro, and that’s the show!
  • Hey…if you stay after the credits, you get to hear some special audio ripped from our pre-Diablo III live stream banter, discussing Error37, Diablo, and some amazing tweets.

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