This week's show is crazy, tangential, and really dumb!


  • This week we have Alex, Scott, Tony and Nabeshin.
  • We kick off the show with some unfortunate news about Podtacular. Still, get excited about Episode 100!
  • We kick things off with a breakdown of our week, the regular poke at Greg from Malicious Underground, and more!
  • Games this week is a whole bunch of Kingdom Hearts, some League, and more sexy stuff. There is a huge tangent about Mass Effect 3, sorry if it spoils anything!
  • News is us hating on the new 3DS XL, Namco and Smash Bros, and some Seth Killian talk. Also, my internet was being terrible, so I became a robot for everyone on Skype.
  • New releases are missing because we didn't have a doc, so take them with a grain of salt!
  • Before ending the show, we go on a lengthy tangent about Harry Potter movie tie-in games, other movie tie-in games, and other things. What are YOUR favorite movie tie-in games? We want to know.
  • After crazy tangents, we finally close out the show!

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