It's another week without Alex since he is off doing things in Seattle for this show, so here we go!


  • It's Nabeshin as host, Evan, Scott and special guest: John "Plankfan" Weingartner.
  • Evan is having some audio troubles so please bear with us as his mic picks up his fan.
  • This week is full of boring things because Scott proves himself to his teacher and Plank is totes boring with class. Also, Evan is a man-child.
  • Games this week include bad experiences in Battlefield, Plank has TF2, and Scott grabs a 3DS XL! Also: Rock Band Blitz
  • News covers WiiU pre-orders, Last Guardian troubles, and games that nobody wants.
  • Our #1 Super Fan gives Scott a good background to his theme song.
  • That's the show!

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This is a very special short show. We recorded it differently, so that's why it sounds all weird.

An almost entire cast and crew (minus Evan, who vanished) was present including special guest Lady Alex, a silent member of the team. We talk PAX Prime and all of the cool things we saw there, includng Oculus, WiiU, and many many games.

Alex also let's you know what to expect from the site over the next week-or-so, so be ready to check those previews and view those photos!

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