We have the Internet's own Greg Miller on to discuss his personal 10 favorite games of 2013.

You may know him from IGN.com, from Conversation With Colin, or from one of our shows earlier this year, but he's back on Irrational Passions to discuss some of his favorite games.

Spoiler Warnings on:

Batman Arkham Origins

Walking Dead S2 Ep1

The Last of Us

Gone Home

Don't forget to read IGN, check out Greg's Youtube channel, and follow him @GameOverGreggy.


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Yes, the host of IP himself sits down to discuss his favorite games of 2013.

Spoiler Warning:
The Last of Us

Beyond Two Souls

Gone Home

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We have Eric R Miller from PSNation.com and InvisibleGamer.net.

A list of good mixes of indie and otherwise from our friend on the Internet, Eric Miller.

Don't forget to follow Eric on Twitter @Eric_R_Miller and check out his writing!

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