Yes, it's time to decide the Irrational Passions Podcast's Game of the Year for 2013. 

Here is the gist of the show for those who don't know:

1. We're spacing over 5 days, not because we really want to be like Giant Bomb, but because there is so much of it.

2. Spoilers are fair game here. We will talk about important moments in the games we discuss with no warning, so keep that in mind.

3. We break it down into the Top 3, then pick a winner. Yes, exactly how Giant Bomb does it. They do it right.

Today's Categories:

  • Best IPP Title of 2013

  • Favorite ‘Nabeshin Asks’ Question of 2013

  • Best Previous Year Game of 2013

  • Most ‘Irrational’ Game

  • The Walrus Award for Best Game that isn’t Assassin’s Creed/Call of Duty/Battlefield/Minecraft

  • Best Movie of 2013 (Just cuz)

  • Best Experience

  • Most OP

  • Most Surprising Game

  • Best Visuals

  • Best Soundtrack

  • Best Video Game Machine of the Year

  • Best DLC/Expansion

  • Best HD Remake

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This podcast is so late, we're not even going to address it!


  • It’s a more “condensed” crew this week, with just Alex, Scott and Nabeshin. Of course, we still manage to be exceptionally late and exceptionally long.

  • Keep in mind, Alex is at his mom’s house, so he doesn’t have his good mic.

  • We go through our weeks, which are mostly relaxing, and go straight to the games!

  • Tons of Beyond Two Souls talk, Zelda, Starbound, Zelda and Hearthstone!

  • We break right into news, which is pretty much just the Nintendo Direct news.

  • We reflect on the past year and last years Game of the Year show before closing out the show.

  • Nabeshin’s final question of 2013 has us thinking up IP memes for a “12 Days of Irrational Christmas” parody song.

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The Internet's own Scott Guthier is here to share his love for video games.

Scott plays a bunch of weird games and he loves when Nintendo gets it right. With that in mind, enjoy his Top 10 of 2013.

Download on:


Through RSS

Directly download the MP3

No Spoilers! Yay!

Scott reads all the tweets you send him, even if he doesn't tweet that much from @wuttehchuz

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He's the man with the plan. And boy does he love indie games!

Tony plays a lot of PC indie games, so here ya go. His top 10 list.

Spoiler Warnings:

Beyond Two Souls

Tales of Xillia

The Stanley Parable

 Don't forget to get him on Twitter! @TonyHorvath

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The Canadian sensation himself is here to share his favorite games from the year.

Nabeshin sits down with Geoff from Interactive Distractions to discuss his favorite games of the last year, and then have him change his whole list. Enjoy!

No spoilers!

Don't forget to follow Geoff @InDisGeoff on Twitter and check out Interactive Distractions!

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