Joseph Fait, once-host of Irrational Passions, comes back to the fold with Alex, Greg and Nabeshin to talk about his favorite games from 2014. 

He doesn't really play many games anymore, but he is still awesome. 


Spoiler Warning:

No spoilers!

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Alex sits down with Jake Nichols of the illustrious Internet to talk about the 8 best games he played in 2014. Oh and some JRPG tangents.

Don't forget to follow him on Twitter @JakeRNichols

Spoilers for Jake's List:

No spoilers here! :D

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Alex sits down with the dynamic duo: Scott Guthier and Tony Horvath to share their lists for 2014. Though Scott was initially worried he would only have 5 games, Tony helped him put together 10! Woot!

Both of them are on Twitter @wuttehchuz and @tonyhorvath respectively.

Spoilers for Scott & Tony's List:

South Park Stick of Truth

inFamous Second Son

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havok

Bravely Default

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