• We have special guest Shaun Donahue from Comics and Joysticks on this week’s show for fun times, hostile takeovers, and DESTINY!
  • We talk about how amazing our listeners are, Alex Talks, and housekeeping to kick things off. THANK YOU ALL.
  • In games we actually have some talks of Forza Horizon 3, some Destiny catch ups, an update on Virtue’s Last Reward, some Bioshock Remaster stuff, and probably World of Warcraft.
  • In news we talk about Ubisoft and Vivendi’s approach. Oh and some Beyond Good and Evil BS. And maybe some PSX excitement behind Destiny 2 rumors?
  • We have some fun tweets to go through and a triumphant return in the VOICEMAILS!
  • That’s the show, we do some BETS and throw it out.

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