• This week we’re joined by Blessing from OKBeast to get real with Forza and #TeamBless.
  • We have a ton to catch up on, but most importantly: new Alex Talks! It’s out, so go watch it.
  • We talk about Froza Horizon 3 and how dope it is, see what’s new in Overwatch, discuss more Zero Time Business. Oh and Gears of War 4 is awesome! And Destiny is awesome too I guess.
  • In news we break into a huge discussion based on Amy Hennig’s recent interview on Idle Thumbs.
  • We discuss recognizability of developers in video games, talk about Kojima, and empathy. Don’t be a shit person on the Internet.
  • We get a ton of questions and a voicemail that have us hyped for Team Bless.
  • That’s the show! Thanks for listening!
  • BETS

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