• This week special guest Alex Van Aken joins the crew to recount the history of the new OKBeast, Cliffy B tweets, and more!
  • We get into housekeeping, the new reviews up, and more Input! Give it a listen! Listen to Pixel Pulse Radio too!
  • In games, it’s mostly new, with a peek at LawBreakers, Pyre, more Sundered, Nier, Stellaris mods, and the big blue Hedgehog is BACK.
  • In news it’s time to talk about the Xbox One X and Microsoft’s plan again.
  • We get updates on release dates, take a visit to NPD town, and get excited about more Okami.
  • In questions it’s about embarrassed toasters and Alex’s psychosis.
  • We close the show with some good old fashioned... BETS
  • Extra treat! At the end of this episode starting at 3:00:28 we get into the Bonus Content from this week, a two on one interview with Alex Van Aken about OKBeast.


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