So many video games!

  • Its just three of us this week. Alex, Joe, and Tony. Evan is in Fort Lauderdale, and we have no idea where Scott is, probably with Robert.
  • We are SO EXCITED about PAX EAST, which is THIS WEEKEND. We will be interviewing and podcasting from there, sometimes live, so look for details below!
  • We talk about our weeks, which involve dead computers and dead PS3s.
  • Games this week involve Silent Hill, Naruto, Dark Souls, and Tales. So many good games.
  • We talk about Kindle for a good chunk of time.
  • Part two had some audio hiccups, so if it seems kind of disjointed, we are very sorry!
  • News is pretty empty this week, but we say peace out to the cool people over at Zipper!
  • We graze over new releases, 90s Pool!
  • Emails make us question our humanity...Indoctrination.
  • That's the show, so check out what's below!

PAX Plans: So right now we really don't know how often we're going to podcast when we're in Boston. We have decided that we WILL go live on on Thursday night, probably around 9-10pm EST. We will be doing interviews and putting them up on iTunes and our RSS feed, we will TRY to get them posted on the website, but we cannot make any promises, so we recommend you definitely subscribe to the feed via iTunes or just your standard feed-reader.


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