B-b-b-b-reak it down:

  • We are sorry for Scott's mufflyness, but its only part one! Technical difficulties!
  • Its everyone minus Joe this week, so screw that guy!
  • We are still woozy after PAX, trying to relax, and get our heads on straight.
  • We reflect on Disney, we also reflect on moving, on school, and bad wifi.
  • Games this week are Swords and Sworcery, as well as L.A. Noire and Battlefield!!!
  • News is a huge look back. Dark Souls PTD details, God of War, and Pikmin!
  • New Releases. Everyone hates Prototype. Except Scott.
  • Break music this week is called "Break bottle, use as weapon" by Bill Kiley**
  • Emails have us boffing man-ladies and Mileena's gross teeth.
  • That's the show!

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