IP109: Alex is Sad

Unfortunate there were some technical errors on this show, but we did it live, we have a video, and it is a really good show!

Here is the video of the first half of the show:



  • The full crew on the show this week, but Alex unfortunately, due to human error, recorded the whole show from his computer mic. Whoops. He sounds like he has a terrible, staticy head-cold the whole show.
  • Our weeks consist of a lot of Turkey. And a WiiU. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Turkey.
  • Video games this week include a lot of Persona-ing and WiiU. Also, don't starve.
  • Since we were on a time-budget, we did a special Spike 2012 VGAs guessing-segement, much like we did last year.
  • Pokérap!
  • New Releases, and that's about it.

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